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Need more information about your personal injury claim or other legal issue? This page contains links to some of the most useful outside web resources. The Oregon State Bar website provides lawyers and their clients with lots of basic data about the practice of law in Oregon. The American Bar Association website provides the same for national legal issues. If you find legal terms confusing, here is a very useful set of reliable definitions.  Here is a legal directory that lists lawyers by practice area and location, to assist you in your search for the best attorney.

Oregon is home to 36 counties, and each one has a Circuit Court in which people can file personal injury or loss lawsuits. All Oregon counties are in the process of being brought into the Oregon Judicial Case Information Network, which provides online access to court records and filings. As your Portland lawyers, we maintain access to this vital, resource-saving service, which is also available to the public at participating county courthouses. We are eager for its statewide completion. Does your claim or lawsuit involve drunk driving or drugged driving?

Here are some basic statistics about alcohol in the car, as listed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Here is the worsening story of drug impaired driving. Research shows that distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.  It is almost certainly more common.  In personal injury cases, it is now possible to request the cell phone bills of a person whose negligent driving caused your injuries.  It isn’t a perfect method, as texting only makes it onto such records if the person has hit “send.”  But it is something we can pursue, once you retain us as your Portland attorneys. So, why do so many people use their cell phones to talk and text while operating automobiles?  As is so often the case, many people tend to think they themselves are above the norm.

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If you’ve suffered an injury or loss due to somebody else’s negligence, or if you were hurt in an accident where fault is unclear or on you, the first thing you’ll want to do as soon as you or your representative are able is to let the appropriate insurance company know about your car crash, bike crash, truck crash, slip-and-fall, other type of accident, property damage, or financial loss. To save you some time, we at Dawson Law Group maintain this list of claims contacts for the ten biggest auto insurance companies in the United States. (We list companies this way because car crashes are so common and so likely to cause injury.)

If you need more help getting your insurance claim going, call us for a free consultation at 503-919-1315, or fill out our contact form. We are happy to make this important process easier for you. Our fondest hope is that people are able to resolve their insurance claims on their own, without having to hire us as your Oregon injury lawyers. We encourage you to try that, then call us back, if and when you hit a wall in the process. We have settled and litigated thousands of Oregon cases that started with insurance claims that led to disagreement between companies and our clients.

Distracted driving is as dangerous and common as drunk driving. This book by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Matt Richtel grippingly and educationally follows the story of one of the earliest cases of vehicular mayhem and wrongful death stemming from texting-while-driving. Moving from collision, to reckoning, to the inspiring efforts at redemption by Utah distracted-driver-turned-safety-crusader Reggie Shaw, Richtel reviews the basic science of why it’s such a terrible idea to use your cell in any form while also operating your motor vehicle. Highly recommended.