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Auto Accident Photos Portland Area

Car Crash Topics
Car crashes are a routine part of our transportation system. They are no laughing matter. Every year, tens of thousands lose their lives and millions more are injured in American motor vehicle accidents. (Doctors, therapists, and lawyers often abbreviate “motor vehicle accident” as an “MVA.”)

Severe Portland Motorized Vehicle Accident

In the legal system, pictures are very often worth much more than a thousand words. Consider this photo of a car crash that severely injured two of our past clients: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

By: Portland Lawyers Dawson Law Group Photographed In: Portland, Oregon Description: Example of a Major Car Crash


Utah Fatal Distracted Driving Crash

Here is another, even more extreme, photo of a crashed vehicle. That shot shows the aftermath of the 2006 distracted driving collision described in Matt Richtel’s important 2014 book, A Deadly Wandering.
Fortunately, such massive wrecks are fairly rare (but not nearly rare enough).

Injuries Far Outnumber Deaths in Car Crashes

It is a myth, of course, that medium- and low-speed collisions are safe. Quite the contrary.Because of this, it is very important to get pictures in even the smallest car crashes. Almost invariably, our work as your Portland lawyers will be even more effective when we have access to as many photos as possible.If you are involved in any car accident, whether you were at fault or not, few things are as important as taking and keeping good pictures of the cars, the scene, and the injuries. Make sure you take or (if you are able) ask somebody to take plenty of photos. Pictures are also often crucial in other types of claims and lawsuits. It never hurts to document the facts with good images.When you do that, make sure to enable the date and time stamping functions of your camera. That will enable everybody to know when the pictures were taken. It will also assist you with your own memory.