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Portland Injury Lawyers Who Deliver Great Outcomes

We have been hired by people from all walks of life, including Oregon judges and Portland trial lawyers. We can help you.

People hire us because they have a problem: They have either been sued or suffered an injury or loss in Oregon.

Great Outcomes

  • 2019:   $625,000 recovered for a client injured in an auto accident
  • 2019:  $100,000 insurance policy limits recovered for a client injured in an accident
  • 2019:  $100,000 we recovered insurance policy limits for an injured client
  • 2018:   $2.5M recovered for a client injured in an industrial accident
  • 2018:  $1.3M  recovered for the victim of an auto accident against a drunk driver and bar that served a visibly intoxicated patron
  • 2018:  numerous insurance policy limits recovered


Our greatest accomplishment is that we have been very successful in solving our clients’ problems, primarily by finding a means to settle the issue. Often, an insurance company will pay the proper attention to your claim simply because of our reputation as distinctive Portland personal injury lawyers.

We pride ourselves on being objective analysts of cases and claims, which is a key component of achieving the best settlement at the soonest possible time. We consistently tell our clients what they need to hear, even if that is not necessarily what they want to hear.

Trial Attorneys

However, it takes two (or more) sides to achieve a legal settlement, and that is not always possible. With apologies to Perry Mason, no attorney wins all of his or her trials, but we have done very well there also. One of our trials in Multnomah County Circuit Court(Multnomah County is home to Portland, Oregon proper) resulted in new Oregon case law that allows all injured parties to receive the full amount of their damages as determined by a jury. Another of our Portland trials established the precedent for the new Oregon tort of breach of fiduciary duty, making Oregon a better place for everyone who buys insurance of any kind or who has an insurance claim of any kind, as our case established that an insurance company could not put its interests above yours.


In the very rare case where your case gets appealed, we have successfully defended our clients’ results before both the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court, plus the Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.


On March 6-9, 2017, Bryan Dawson represented the plaintiff in the trial of Telles Painting v. Catamount Constructors, Inc., Multnomah County case no. 15CV32354.  The case involved allegations that Telles Painting had painted a large apartment complex and had not been fully paid for its work.  Catamount alleged several affirmative defenses and claimed that Telles Painting had been fully paid.  During the four day trial, the parties called nine witnesses and made numerous motions in limine and other motions.  Telles Painting prevailed in the trial with the jury awarding it $100,527.50 in damages, a sum that greatly exceeded any settlement offers made by Catamount.