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Over the last decade, rideshare companies have changed the face of public transportation around the country. They have also complicated accident claims. Because a rideshare accident can involve a company claim and an individual claim, depending on the driver’s status at the time of the accident, there are specific nuances that need to be considered when injuries are sustained in an accident with a Lyft or Uber driver. Before navigating an accident claim alone, it is important to understand your legal rights after a rideshare accident in Portland. Depending on who was at fault, you may need to pursue a claim against the rideshare driver directly. In some cases, you may be entitled to compensation from the rideshare company. At Dawson Law Group, our experienced Portland Lyft/Uber accident lawyers will help you understand your legal rights and options when seeking compensation for your injuries.

Who Is Liable In An Accident In Portland?

In the state of Oregon, we are an at-fault insurance state. This means that the individual who caused the accident is liable for the damages of those who were injured in that accident.

In this case, the injured party will file a claim with the at-fault individual’s insurance company. Once liability is established, that insurance company will pay benefits to the injured individual under the terms of the driver’s PIP coverage.

Who Is Responsible In A Lyft/Uber Accident?

The same as another car accident in Oregon, whoever is at fault for a Lyft/Uber accident is the one who is liable for any injuries resulting from that accident. Because a rideshare driver is not an official employee of the company, as an injured party, the first point of accident benefits will be the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage.

While rideshare companies require that their drivers carry state-mandated insurance, there have been gray areas in the insurance industry regarding for-profit drivers without commercial driver’s insurance. Some policies have specific exceptions when a driver is responsible for an accident while in a for-hire capacity. This has created serious issues in the case of accident benefits.

Supplemental Insurance Provided By The Rideshare Companies

Fortunately, Lyft and Uber have had to fill in the gaps with supplemental insurance that covers accident benefits when a driver’s coverage has been exhausted, depending on what point of engagement they were on the app.

If the driver has engaged the app and is awaiting a ride request, accident victims have one set of accident benefits available to them by the rideshare company. But if the driver is involved in an accident en route to a pickup or actively driving passengers, there is a different set of benefits available to accident victims. This makes it crucial to understand at what point of the process the rideshare driver was engaged in.

Getting Fair Settlements Is Often A Problem

Furthermore, insurance companies and rideshare companies are large corporations with a constant eye on their bottom line. Offering fair and adequate accident settlements cuts into their profits and accident victims are often left to fight to get fairly compensated for their injuries and other damages after a Lyft/Uber accident.

Getting the assistance of an experienced Portland Lyft/Uber accident lawyer is critical to understanding your rights and options for compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes Of Portland Lyft/Uber Accidents

Although Lyft/Uber accidents are often caused by the same things as other car accidents, there are some common causes specific to Lyft and Uber accidents:

  • Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of rideshare accidents when the driver must rely on an app and GPS navigation information to complete a ride.
  • Rideshare drivers often find themselves navigating unfamiliar roads when transporting their customers.
  • Long shifts and nighttime driving often contribute to fatigued driving by rideshare drivers.
  • Because most rideshares are quick pick-ups, drivers are often forced to pick up their customers in unsafe locations without adequate parking.
  • Speeding accounts for many rideshare accidents when drivers try to log as many rides as possible during their shift.

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