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Portland Motorcycle Accident LawyerAny rider of a motorcycle should become familiar with the safety laws that regulate motorcycles on the road. However, even the safest rider can collide with a reckless automobile driver. Because motorcycles have no outer body, no airbags, and no windshield to protect the rider from the road, an accident can result in serious injuries or even death. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, it’s imperative that you contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Portland, Oregon. The Dawson Law Group of Portland, Oregon understands what the aftermath of a motorcycle accident can entail and is dedicated to helping you through this challenging time.

Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

In many states, drivers’ education courses are not automatically offered in the public school system. This shows in the habits of drivers on the roads. Drivers of automobiles are often inexperienced, don’t use their turn signals when turning, and are distracted by smartphones. They may also change lanes without checking a blind spot or stop too suddenly, leading to a tragic collision with a motorcycle. Our Portland Car Accident Lawyer has experience with all types of collisions.

Impairment by the use of alcohol or drugs is a factor in many car/motorcycle collisions, as is speeding. But a motorcyclist can also collide with a car door that is suddenly opened by an unaware driver, or as a result of motorcycle defects that cause it to malfunction on the road.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle accident injuries are notorious for being severe and, often, life-altering. They can cause bone fractures that take time to heal, or worse. Some of the most common bone fractures involve the legs or feet, as they’re often the first to make contact with the road if a motorcycle tips over. Because riders often slide for quite a distance after the motorcycle tips, it’s wise to wear protective clothing made of thick material when driving a motorcycle, as well as sturdy shoes. Harley Davidson is a worldwide known company that sells all types of motorcycle gear.

The law requires that motorcyclists wear helmets at all times to prevent head and neck injuries. Unfortunately, head and neck injuries are common and can cause permanent brain damage or paralysis that requires a lifetime of treatment and rehabilitation. The Dawson Law Group of Portland, Oregon can determine who is responsible for your accident and work to recover the compensation that truly meets your needs.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Rights

It’s important to understand motorcycle accident victims’ rights, especially given that automobile drivers tend to blame motorcycle riders for accidents that occur. Don’t admit fault to the driver of the car, and never leave the scene of the accident. Always notify a law enforcement officer and make sure a police report is made. Tell them of your injuries and any damage to your motorcycle. Then, contact your auto insurance company and get names of the other driver and all witnesses. Once a claim is filed, don’t settle for an initial offer of compensation from the insurance company. Instead, contact the Dawson Law Group of Portland, Oregon to assist you with all negotiations with the insurance company and defend your rights.

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