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portland motorcycle accident attorneysEvery motorcyclist must acquaint themselves with the safety regulations governing their presence on the road. Nonetheless, despite being vigilant, a responsible rider may still encounter a negligent car driver. Due to the absence of outer protection like airbags or windshields, motorcycle accidents can lead to severe injuries or fatalities. Should you find yourself injured in such an incident, it is crucial to seek assistance from a Portland motorcycle accident attorney. Dawson Law Group, situated in Portland, comprehends the complexities of post-accident situations and is committed to supporting you during this difficult period.

Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

In numerous states, driver’s education programs are not automatically integrated into the public school curriculum. This deficiency is reflected in the behaviors of motorists on the roads. Automobile drivers frequently exhibit inexperience, neglecting to signal turns and succumbing to distractions from smartphones. They may also change lanes without proper checks for blind spots or brake abruptly, potentially leading to devastating collisions with motorcycles. Our Portland Car Accident Lawyer possesses extensive experience handling various types of accidents.

Instances of impairment due to alcohol or drug usage, as well as speeding, contribute to many car/motorcycle collisions. Moreover, a motorcyclist may be involved in accidents caused by sudden opening of car doors by unaware drivers or due to motorcycle malfunctions while on the road.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are renowned for their severity and often have life-altering consequences. These accidents can lead to bone fractures, which may require prolonged healing periods or result in even graver outcomes. Among the most prevalent fractures are those affecting the legs or feet, as they typically bear the initial impact with the road surface in the event of a motorcycle tip-over. Given that riders often skid for considerable distances following a tip-over, it is prudent to don protective attire crafted from sturdy materials and wear robust footwear while operating a motorcycle. Harley Davidson, a globally recognized company, offers an extensive range of motorcycle gear.

Legislation mandates that motorcyclists wear helmets continuously to mitigate the risk of head and neck injuries. Regrettably, injuries to the head and neck are frequent occurrences and can lead to permanent brain damage or paralysis, necessitating ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. The Dawson Law Group, based in Portland, Oregon, can assess liability in your accident and strive to secure compensation that genuinely addresses your requirements.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Rights

Understanding the rights of motorcycle accident victims is crucial, especially since automobile drivers often attempt to attribute blame to motorcycle riders in accidents. Refrain from admitting fault to the driver of the car and never leave the accident scene. It is imperative to promptly notify a law enforcement officer and ensure that a police report is generated. Inform them about your injuries and any damage sustained by your motorcycle. Subsequently, contact your auto insurance provider and gather the names of the other driver and all witnesses involved. Upon filing a claim, resist the temptation to accept an initial compensation offer from the insurance company. Instead, seek assistance from the Dawson Law Group of Portland, Oregon, to manage all negotiations with the insurance company and safeguard your rights.

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