Choosing the Right Portland Accident Lawyer

Criteria to Think About When Choosing Your Personal Injury Attorney in Portland

If you’ve just been in an accident in Portland, Oregon, odds are that your looming personal injury claim is causing you significant stress. In a perfect world, all you should have to worry about is focusing on getting better so you can begin to move on from your accident. Hiring a Portland personal injury lawyer will make the process easier and less stressful. You’ll have someone who is able to help guide you through the forms and reports you’ll have to file, the evidence you will want to retain, and the deadlines and processes that you must meet. You’ll have a Portland injury lawyer who will be able to answer your questions, keep you informed, and make sure you’re taking all the steps you need to in order for your suit to be successful. When choosing your Portland injury attorney, you’ll want to choose the best representation you can find. Here are some vital factors you should be looking for in your personal injury lawyer in Portland:

Extensive Experience

personal-injury-lawyer-portland-97205-kings-heightWhen looking for a personal injury attorney in Portland, you’ll want to hire a firm that has extensive experience. Dawson Law Group’s Portland personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in personal injury claims. A unique advantage that you’ll find with Dawson Law Group is that our Portland injury attorneys have a wealth of experience representing both plaintiffs (the injured) and defendants. Because we’ve been in their shoes countless times ourselves, we understand your opposition’s strategy and how they think. We pride ourselves on outworking our opposition whenever possible; this is most commonly seen when we get our clients the results they deserve during the negotiations phase, although we have had more than our fair share of victories in the courtroom.

Recognition and Reviews

Dawson Law Group’s Portland personal injury lawyers have been recognized by both our clients and our peers for providing excellent and vigorous representation for our clients. At the end of the day, we will do everything we can to get our clients the justice and compensation they deserve. View our Personal Injury Attorney Portland Reviews and Ratings page for more information for Dawson Law Group’s awards and recognition.

Consistent Results

Most of the clients we talk to just want one thing: they want to get the compensation they deserve in a timely manner so that they can move on with their lives. Much of the time, our focus is on helping clients negotiate favorable settlements in a timely manner. However, sometimes the defendants are unwilling to settle for an amount that will make sure you’re taken care of. In cases like this, we aggressively represent our clients in court, usually with great success. For more information about some of the favorable outcomes we’ve secured for our clients recently, please visit our Past Car Accident Claims page.

Communication and Compatibility

personal-injury-lawyer-portland-97203-reed-collegeWhen you retain a Portland personal injury attorney, you want to make sure you have someone you’re comfortable with and you feel like you can trust. We pride ourselves on giving you the most objective and accurate information we can, even if it’s not what you want to hear. Our Portland personal injury lawyers are passionate about getting to know the person behind the case so that we can put your mind at ease with the best information possible and the knowledge that there’s someone fighting as hard as they can to make sure you get the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one have recently been injured, we urge you to call Dawson Law Group today at 503-919-1315 for a free, confidential, and no-pressure consultation.

Whether you need a Portland car accident lawyer or a Portland injury attorney, we would be glad to get to know you and get to understand your case. No matter where you are in the personal injury claims process, we would be glad to evaluate your case and help you figure out what you need to do next. Our fees are charged on a contingent basis, so if we accept your case, you won’t owe any lawyer fees until we win you a settlement or judgement. Give us a call today, and let Dawson Law Group fight for you!