What Are Contingent Fees?

What Are Contingency Fees?

Hiring a lawyer has a reputation for being expensive. Odds are, if you were recently hurt in an accident, you are injured, in pain, unsure about the future, and stressed out. Many of our past clients have said that before they contacted us, they just assumed that they could not afford a Portland personal injury lawyer. At Dawson Law Group, we have a commitment to justice and we think that no one should let finances get in the way of having access to good legal information. We offer free and confidential phone consultations for anyone who was recently injured at 503-919-1315. Find out more about our areas of specialty in our Practice Areas page. Our personal injury lawyers in Portland accept all their cases on a contingent basis, meaning that our payment depends on us winning you the compensation you deserve.

Contingent Fees Explained

The beauty of the contingent fee system is that it protects injured parties in two ways. First, it protects you, the injured. If your Portland personal injury attorney accepts your case on a contingent basis, you are not expected to pay for attorney fees up front, nor are you on the hook for any lawyer fees if you do not win your personal injury claim. Second, the contingent fee system makes sure that you and your personal injury lawyer in Portland are on the same page. It gives you and your personal injury attorney in Portland the same goal: to win your case for maximum compensation, as quickly as possible, so you can recover and move on as soon as possible. Learn more about how the contingent fee system helps put Portland injury attorneys and their clients on the same page at our Hiring a Lawyer: Money Questions page.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Portland

personal-injury-lawyer-portland-97209-nw-lovejoyHiring a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon can put you in the best position possible to win your case. Possibly the most important thing our Portland injury attorneys can do is to educate you about your case. It’s a well-documented fact that more than 95% of lawsuits are settled before they ever go to trial. One of the most damaging mistakes that many people make is that they settle for an amount that is much less than they can have bargained for.

Having a good Portland injury lawyer makes the whole negotiating process easier and less stressful because they have the same goals as you- get you the maximum compensation you can get, as quickly as possible. (Learn more at our Negotiating with Insurance Companies page.) Some other lawyers might shy away from taking cases to trial. However, if that’s what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve, we are more than willing to fight for you in court. Our Portland personal injury attorneys have experienced trial lawyers who, in most cases, have a unique advantage over their courtroom counterparts.

The Dawson Law Group Difference

Our Portland injury lawyers have a unique background that sets them apart from most of their peers- they have experience both on the side of the plaintiff, and the defendant. A significant portion of Dawson Law Group’s cases are in personal injury defense, so our lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about Portland personal injury suits. We understand how our opposition will think, how they will plan, what they are permitted by their clients to offer, and more because we’ve been in their shoes. In many cases, this gives you a significant advantage, both in the courtroom and over the negotiations table.

personal-injury-lawyer-portland-97201-sw-columbia-stAnother benefit of having extensive experience on both sides of personal injury claims in Portland is that our Portland personal injury attorneys will have a strong framework for case evaluations. Whether you’ve just gotten in a car accident and you’re wondering if you have a claim or you’re in the settlement process and you want to know if the offer you’ve received is in line with what others who have had similar injuries have been offered, our personal injury attorneys in Portland will be able to give you an honest and objective understanding of your case and help you figure out what your next steps should be. Because we take all our cases on a contingent basis, you won’t have to pay any legal fees until we help secure your compensation. To start the process, give us a call at 503-919-1315 for a free, no pressure consultation. We’d like to get to know you and answer your questions!