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Portland Defective Products Lawyer

Portland Product Liability Attorney

A defective product is one that is unsafe or unfit for use and can cause someone harm. This can be due to lack of proper instructions, poor materials or design, or even dangerous or toxic ingredients. Product liability is a term used to describe defective product injuries in or around Portland, Oregon. If you or someone you know has experienced injuries caused by defective products, our product liability attorney team at the Dawson Law Group can guide you through this difficult time and the legal process ahead. As your product liability attorney in Portland, we will investigate the product itself, determine who is liable for your injuries/damages, and work to ensure that you get a fair settlement for your injuries. We will speak on your behalf and give you the time you need to heal.

About Defective Product Injuries in Portland, Oregon

Defective product injuries in Portland can occur for many reasons. Our job as your product liability attorney is to uncover the reason. At the Dawson Law Group, we have years of experience and a proven reputation, making us a leading choice in and around Portland, Oregon for product liability legal help. We also offer no-cost legal consultations to discuss your injuries and answer any question you may have about the upcoming legal process. To learn more about our legal services and to schedule this consultation, call our Portland Oregon law office at (503) 919-1315.