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Defense Lawyer Portland

Defense Work

We have a long history of defending lawsuits that involve auto accidents, construction and real estate issues, and commercial litigation. We are thus among the few attorneys in the Portland Oregon area who routinely practice on both sides of the “versus” that’s part of the name of every lawsuit. We take pride in this work and we believe that the experience that it gives us is one of our greatest strengths for all of our clients. Our defense work is a vital part of our practice. We don’t just handle a claim on the defense side every now and then. On a daily basis, we are defending individuals or companies who have been in an accident and who are getting sued. We know that these are very often high-stakes cases where our clients’ property may be on the line. We take great care to give our defense clientshonest and clear advice, just as we do with our clients who are personal injury victims. We believe our advice is second to none because we do have long and diverse experience on both sides of cases. When an attorney who only represents plaintiffs — or defendants– gives her clients advice about strategies that may be employed by the other side, that attorney can’t base that advice on the same kind of experience. In our case, we aren’t guessing about what strategies to expect because we have so much experience on each side. Our experience with both plaintiffs and with defendants gives extra value to our advice. For instance, when we are defending a case and getting ready for trial, we can talk to our clients about factors that our opponents are likely considering as the opponents prepare for trial or decide whether to settle. We know what our opponents must be considering because we would have almost always been weighing those same factors in one of our plaintiff-side cases in the prior few weeks. While always rigorously protecting our clients’ identities and confidential information, we may be able to inform our current clients about the costs and potential results facing an opponent. This provides a rare view for our clients into the thinking that is involved on the other side of the case. Our clients have found this to be very useful over the years. If you have been sued, or threatened with a lawsuit, please call us for a free consultation. We very often will recommend that you submit the claim to your insurer will pay for your legal representation, so you don’t have to. If you decide to retain us, we work at a reasonable hourly rate and, most importantly, you get the kind of insight that years of work on both sides of the “versus” has allowed us to develop.