Your Portland Workplace Accidents Attorney Team

Have you been injured in your workplace? Did you suffer a slip and fall injury, a burn, or some other type of injury? If so, you may have grounds for filing a workplace accidents lawsuit.

Comprised of the most dedicated, accomplished and experienced legal specialists, the Dawson Law Group will evaluate your workplace accident claims and construct the strongest case for the best possible outcome to your suit.

How Your Portland Workplace Accidents Attorney Team Can Assist

While certain measures are in place to protect workers on the job, workplace accidents happen on a daily basis – hundreds going unreported. While any occupation has the potential to be dangerous, some jobs entail tremendous danger. These include grounds maintenance worker, farmers, construction workers, truck drivers, steel & iron professionals, roofers, airplane pilots, and logging workers.

“[The state of] Oregon provides certain rights to employees who are injured on the job. Most Oregon employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees because of such injuries.” However, there may come a time in which an attorney can assist.

The workplace accidents attorney team at the Dawson Law Group will listen to you as a valued client, review the evidence you present, and investigate all aspects of your case. Furthermore, they will use their extensive knowledge of Oregon’s injury laws to filter out what will help propel your claims to a viable solution.

Portland’s Dawson Law Group, then, will be the devoted workplace accidents attorney team you need, always keeping your interests and wellbeing at the forefront.

Portland’s Most Devoted Workplace Accidents Attorney Team

Being injured on the job is serious. Filing a suit against a company of employment can be an intricate and “tricky” matter. The Dawson Law Group, one of Portland’s most trusted and respected personal injury law firms, has helped clients secure millions of dollars in compensation. When you choose the Dawson Law Group to represent you with your workplace accident claims, you are choosing a team of legal experts who have the willingness, experience, and the dedication to effectively assist you, ensuring your rights are protected at all times.

So, for the workplace accident you suffered from and the questions you have, contact Portland’s premier workplace accidents attorney team, the Dawson Law Group. Your initial consultation is free!