What happens if a cyclist causes an accident?

In many bicycle accidents, the motorist is at fault. However, bicyclists who do fail to follow the rules of the road can be held liable for these accidents too. A bicycle accident attorney can investigate the particulars of an accident in order to prove who was at fault. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, you need expert legal representation on your side while you’re recovering.

Determining Fault

Failure to use signals, to use required lighting or riding the wrong way are all things that can cause accidents. Liability includes injuries sustained from an accident as well as damages to vehicles involved. In Oregon, they follow a comparative negligence rule system. This means that each person pays for the percentage of fault that they were found responsible for. If the plaintiff is more than 50% responsible, they cannot obtain any compensation. The amount awarded to someone is reduced by the amount of blame they have been determined to be in.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

A police report needs to be filed. You may not be sure about fault, but that’s okay, as this can be determined later. Give as many details as possible, take photographs, and obtain witness testimony if possible. All of these things will help a bicycle accident lawsuit in the future. Protect your rights by getting all the necessary details right when the accident occurs.

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