What do you do if you hit a cyclist?

If you have hit a bicyclist with your vehicle, this can be a scary and stressful situation. It’s important that you react quickly as this will keep everyone’s safety first in mind. Call 911 and ensure that everyone gets the medical help that they need. Make sure that everyone is out of the road. Be sure to consider your own health before doing any of this as you may need medical attention yourself. Never leave the scene of an accident as this is a felony crime in the State of Oregon, even if the other individual sustained no or minor injuries.

File a Police Report

Provide as much information as possible. Always get the investigating officer’s name and badge number for future reference. You will need this information for your insurance company later. A police report, as well as medical reports, will help a bicycle accident attorney to build a strong case for you. Take photographs if possible, too. All of these things will help determine fault, as well.

Comparative Negligence

When determining fault, in the State of Oregon, comparative negligence rule is used. This is used to assign a percentage of the blame to each party. If the person pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is found to be more than 50% of the blame, they receive nothing. If they are 49% or less a part of the blame, their judgment will be awarded reduced by that amount. This is what makes it so important to gather all necessary documents to help your bicycle accident lawyer’s job a lot easier when providing liability.

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