What to Do After a Boating Accident

Boating accidents are not uncommon in areas where boat traffic is high, especially during weekends and holidays. If you have been involved in a boating accident, it’s important to know what you should do after the accident in order to protect yourself. The law requires that all boating accidents in which someone is injured or killed must be reported as soon as possible, or at least within 48 hours of the accident. Especially if you are the cause of the accident, you must comply with the law to avoid damaging legal action against you.

Causes of Boat Accidents

There are many possible causes of boat accidents, but one of the most common is boating while under the influence of alcohol. Boating while drunk is a crime in all states and is a BUI, or boating under the influence, offense.  This is just as serious as a DUI (driving under the influence), and penalties can involve fines and imprisonment. Boating accidents also occur due to bad weather or inexperienced boaters. Boats that are propelled by a gas-burning engine may also emit excessive carbon monoxide, which can kill everyone on board. Boating is a potentially dangerous activity that requires skill and knowledge of boat operation and how to deal with weather conditions.

Immediate Actions to Take After a Boat Accident

After a boat accident, the first step is to tend to whoever is injured. If someone has fallen overboard, call the Coast Guard or local police immediately and make sensible efforts to retrieve the lost person. Boat accidents should be reported to the local Coast Guard or other officials and contact and insurance information should be exchanged between involved parties, just as in a car accident.

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