Who Is Responsible for Airplane Accidents?

Airplane accidents are legally complex incidents because of all the parties that can potentially be held responsible should such an accident occur. The pilot, the owner of the aircraft, the manufacturer of the aircraft, the air traffic controller, and those who repair or maintain the aircraft, may all be found negligent when there is an airplane accident. Air travel is regulated by the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, and the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA. These agencies conduct the investigations after aviation accidents and set the standards that govern air travel.

Comparative Fault

In airplane accidents, since so many different parties may potentially be held negligent, the issue of comparative fault often comes up when a judge is trying to determine who should be responsible for the compensation. Comparative fault refers to the percentage of fault that any of the negligent parties have in causing the accident to happen. For example, the airplane manufacturer may be fifty percent at fault for selling defective airplane parts, while the pilot may be twenty percent at fault for an unsafe landing, and the air traffic controller may be thirty percent at fault for misdirecting the pilot to the wrong runway. In a case like this, the blame, and the compensation are divided between the at-fault parties.

Types of Compensation for Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents often involve severe injuries and fatalities. Compensation for airplane accidents may include medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. Airplane accidents are often life-changing, so emotional distress is also a compensable form of damage. Some states may have maximum limits on this type of compensation. In any case, having an aviation accident attorney on your side will nearly always get you a better compensation settlement.

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