Who is liable in a product liability case and to whom?

Defective or dangerous products cause many injuries annually. Product liability law is used to help an injured person to recover damages from a manufacturer or seller who is being held liable for placing a defective product in their hands. When a product is dangerous or defective, a product liability lawsuit can be filed in Oregon. While there are no federal product liability laws, each state has a set of negligence laws that must be followed. In Oregon, a comparative negligence rule is used where each party’s amount of blame is determined.

Responsible Parties

Some possible responsible parties in a product liability lawsuit include a product manufacturer, parts manufacturer, wholesaler, retail store, or party who installs a product. With strict liability, someone doesn’t have to prove a manufacturer was negligent just that the product was defective in some way.

Types of Product Defects

Some of the most common types of defects that cause injury include manufacturing defects, marketing defects, and design defects. If the way something is designed is unsafe, product liability may apply. Also, if there is a law in the way the product was marketed, and if improper labeling or insufficient instructions apply, this may be grounds for a lawsuit too.

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