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Have you recently tripped and fell and felt that your accident was due to someone else’s negligence? If so, you may have a case and is to your benefit to discuss your accident with Portland’s most trusted trip and fall accident attorney team, the Dawson Law Group.

How Your Portland Trip and Fall Accident Attorney Can Assist You

A trip occurs “when a foot that is moving forward suddenly confronts an unexpected obstacle or resistance.” Biologically, “The height of a normal foot swing-arc at mid-point only is about a half inch above the walking surface, give or take a quarter or three-eighths of an inch. Because of the normal mechanics of foot swing, very small rises in walking surface heights can be extremely hazardous.”

While an array of factors can contribute to a trip and fall accident, some of the most common factors include uneven or staggered walking surfaces, age, weight, the inability to see hazardous surfaces, inadequate warnings, and objects that obstruct normal walking. Trip and fall accident victims can deal with a range of injuries, the most common being fractured bones and ribs, concussions, back pain, neck pain, paralysis, cuts, scrapes, and whiplash. In addition to physical injuries, a trip and fall accident can result in job loss, diminished or dissolved income, depression, confusion, and a diminished quality of life.

While contacting the company you feel is responsible for your trip and fall seems ideal to achieve a settlement, many companies have rule and regulations in place that could make this difficult. The Dawson Law Group, one of Portland’s most trusted personal injury firms, understands this and knows just how much a trip and fall accident can affect your life. Furthermore, they have the expertise to interact with entities and companies and know what procedures need to be put in place to best protect your rights and your interests.

Some things in life do not require an attorney’s assistance, but your trip and fall accident claim is not one of them.

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From that cast your arm is in to those crutches you’re now using for mobility, there’s nothing more irritating than being crippled by a trip and fall accident. Portland’s Dawson Law Group understands this and will work on your case in an expedient and efficient fashion. Their team of accomplished and experienced attorneys has helped accident victims recover millions in dollars for their pain and suffering, and will work diligently to ensure your justice and the compensation you deserve.

So, forget contacting the company responsible for your slip and fall injuries by yourself. Instead, let Portland’s most skilled trip and fall accident attorney team help you now. Call the Dawson Law Group and schedule your free initial consultation today!