Value of a Slip and Fall Case

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Were you injured as the result of a slip and fall accident? At Dawson Law Group we specialize in slip and fall accident cases and will gladly go to bat for you. From consultation to the conclusion of your case we will stand by your side every step of the way. We are the most qualified personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon has to offer and would be honored to represent you. Often our clients have no idea what they can be compensated for after they’ve been injured from a slip and fall. There are several forms of compensation that you are eligible for.

The first type of compensation that you can seek is that of your present and future medical bills. You have every right to have the medical bills that resulted from this slip and fall injury compensated for. This will include your present medical bills and those that will come from the future treatment you will require in order to make a full recovery.
Slip-and-Fall-Lawyer-Portland-(or)Another factor to determining the final amount that you will receive at the end of your case is the pain and suffering you have endured. In the eyes of the Oregon legal system you have the right to be compensated for all that you have suffered as the result of your injury. Pain and suffering is often difficult to calculate as there is no exact monetary scale to determine the amount necessary for just compensation.

The severity and permanence of your injuries will play a key role in determining the amount you receive as restitution. Many injuries may take time to make themselves known and it is crucial that your personal injury attorney consider this when determining the amount they will request in pain and suffering. It is possible that further injuries make will become apparent after the case has been closed, sometimes years later. This should be factored into the amount you seek in compensation for your pain and suffering. Having the best personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide is crucial to this aspect of your slip and fall case.

As the victim of a slip and fall accident you also have the right to have your lost wages paid back to you. Lost wages are an important factor when determining the final amount that you will receive in your slip and fall lawsuit. If your injury resulted in your inability to continue in your current job then you should also be reimbursed for that. This is called a loss of earning capacity. You can seek a lump sum amount or even for the ones responsible for your fall to pay for your education costs in order to gain a new form of employment.

It is crucial that you hire the most successful personal injury attorney Portland Oregon can provide to represent you. At Dawson Law Firm we are dedicated to seeing that you are fairly and justly compensated for all that you have suffered as a result of your slip and fall injury. Call Dawson Law firm today and rest in the knowledge that your case is in the very best of hands.