Uncovering accountability is critical in a truck accident

On the surface, in Portland, if you’re involved in an accident with a large truck or an 18-wheeler due to negligence on the driver’s part, then affixing blame would appear to be an easy task.

Aside from the fact that it will probably be one of the most traumatic events in your life, and that surviving such an accident is a minor cause for celebration, attaching blame would appear to be a small issue in the whole context of things.

However, a truck accident can be a much more complicated set of circumstances to unravel that what first meets the eye.  That’s why it’s essential to work closely with an attorney who’s practice focuses on truck accident cases.  With few exceptions, you will welcome the added expertise.

When you’re involved in an accident with a truck, not only will you be dealing with a truck driver, if a company owns the vehicle, you’ll be dealing with a deep pockets insurance company as well.  They will be well staffed and have considerable resources capable of taking on a lengthy court battle designed to get you to wear down and settle for much less than you may be entitled to.  Your attorney will shield you from much of the back and forth that will take place, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

One of the keys to maximizing a settlement in your favor is to attach all culpable parties as defendants to your case.  This means looking at the relationship the driver has with his employer and the actual rig itself.  For example, if a company assigns a driver to a truck that is not safe because some previous damage has not been repaired, then the parent company may be more negligent.

If the company has assigned the driver to a rig that is not safe because it’s not properly maintained, then the parent company may actually bear the brunt of the negligence involved in an accident.

Road conditions may also be a contributing factor.  If a road was under construction, but improper safety warnings were posted, then a contractor or a government agency may also be held accountable.

Doing the due diligence and digging deep are important to make sure everyone that can be, is held accountable and the end result gets you the full settlement you deserve.

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