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The state of Oregon has rules in place for both interstate and intrastate truck drivers.

Interstate property-carrying commercial vehicle drivers” must adhere to certain rules, among them being “…limited to 11 hours driving in a 14-hour work day after 10 consecutive hours off duty.” Meanwhile, one of the main rules for Oregon’s intrastate truck drivers is: “Drivers are allowed 12 hours driving time instead of 11 hours. Drivers may not drive after the 16th hour of coming on duty instead of the 14th hour.”

While additional rules apply for both interstate and intrastate truck drivers, rules are not honored at all times, thus resulting in trucking accidents. Equipment values, adverse weather conditions, and other circumstances can also result in a truck accident.

Truck accidents are some of the most serious accidents to succumb to due to the size of trucks as well as the impact trucks have upon a crash. While the trucking industry is a part of the fabric of commerce in our country, trucking companies will work relentlessly to avoid liability. Given the intricate legal details and obstacles in proving that a truck driver or equipment is at fault for a trucking accident, chances are you will not be able to prove wrongdoing by yourself.

At the Dawson Law Group, all aspects of your truck accident claims will be examined and investigated. Portland’s Dawson Law Group understands the complexities that a truck accident case can bring. Therefore, you can be assured of a careful evaluation of all evidence, resulting in the best possible outcome to your case.

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Aside from possible property damage, a truck accident can leave you with tremendous physical pain. A truck accident can also result in job loss, diminished or dissolved income, mounting expenses and medical bills, and more setbacks. The Dawson Law Group understands this and will work on your claims expediently. They have helped valued clients recover millions in lost wages, damages, and compensation and will fight for your justice and compensation.

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