Trusted Personal Injury Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Getting hurt is an unwelcomed and unplanned event. A personal injury can leave you with physical pain, a diminished quality of life, and other setbacks. If you’ve succumbed to a personal injury, contact Portland, Oregon’s most trusted personal injury attorney team, the Dawson Law Group.

With the Dawson Law Group, you can rest assured that your personal injury case will be handled by a team of legal professionals with decades of experience in Oregon jury trials. You can also be assured of comprehensive representation that will ensure the best possible outcome to your personal injury case.

Understanding Personal Injury

Injuries are very common and can cause tremendous obstacles for the injured individual. Whether personal injuries resulted from a car accident, slip and fall, product malfunction, or some other circumstance, getting hurt due to the negligence, errors, or mistakes of another person or entity can be disheartening.

Some of the most common injuries sustained after a personal injury include fractured limbs, broken bones, head and neck trauma, bruises, cuts, and tremendous emotional stress. Personal injuries can also impact finances and other aspects of life in the form of extended absences from jobs or complete job loss, decreased or diminished income, denied health insurance claims, physical therapy, and overall emotional distress.

How Portland’s Dawson Law Group Can Help You Now

Being injured in a public setting, on the job, or due to a product can be devastating and life-altering. In the state of Oregon, an accident victim is entitled to damages if it can be proven that the majority of the fault lies with the wrongdoer.

Relentless and compassionate, the Dawson Law Group has secured millions of dollars for their valued clients. With decades of experience with personal injury and their persistence in fighting for justice, you can be assured of comprehensive legal representation and an examination of all aspects of your personal injury case.

So, don’t wait and contact the Dawson Law Group for your free consultation today!