Thanksgiving Driving Danger

Guess what, Portlanders! We are projected to have the nation’s second worst traffic complications on Thanksgiving, the busiest driving day of the year. According to Inrix research, our driving times will expand by 35% this Thursday.

All the extra cars on the road also mean it’s certain there will be more car crashes and injuries. Historically, you are about 12 percent more likely to experience an auto accident on Thanksgiving. That, of course, pales in comparison to New Year’s Day.

Holiday Heightened Crash Risk
Thanksgiving 12%
4th of July 26%
New Year’s Day 50%

[Source of car crash data]

The Thanksgiving problems will be located in a place familiar to those who have explored Dawson Law Group’s website. The Oregonian reports:

The worst place to be? Interstate 5 northbound from the Macadam Avenue exit to the Interstate Bridge (exits 299 to 308).

That stretch is home to 3 of Portland’s 10 most dangerous places to drive.