Portland’s Devoted & Skilled Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Have you been struck by a delivery truck only to be left with pain, suffering, and mounting medical bills that you’re not able to pay? You may have evidence from your accident that supports a lawsuit.

Portland’s most dedicated delivery truck accident attorney team, The Dawson Law Group, has the experience and drive to assist you from beginning to end. With their track record of success coupled with their determination to fight for you, you can be assured of a viable resolution to your accident claims that exceeds your expectations.

The Help Your Portland Delivery Truck Accident Attorney Can Give

Being struck by a delivery truck is a serious matter. Because of their weight, the items within it, and the impact they have upon an accident, you could be left with debilitating injuries.

Unfortunately, delivery truck accidents are common and cause thousands of dollars in medical treatment and recovery efforts. Throughout the country, one can read of various delivery trucks that end with severely injured, or even dead individuals. In Maryland, for example, law enforcement officials investigated an accident involving a delivery truck crashing into a car. In New York, a beer delivery truck rolled over and crashed on a local highway.

While delivery trucks are a part of the commerce of our nation, delivery truck companies will go to great lengths to avoid liability. Portland’s Dawson Law Group will cut through the obstacles of your delivery truck accident case, while constructing the strongest suit possible.

Portland Delivery Truck Accident Attorney with Proven Track Record of Success

Proving a delivery truck company is at fault for your accident will, undoubtedly, be a difficult task. But for Portland’s Dawson Law Group, that task will be detailed and thorough. The Dawson Law Group is dedicated and experienced, and has extensive knowledge of Oregon’s personal injury laws. Furthermore, they have helped clients secure millions of dollars in compensation for pain, suffering, and costs associated with their accidents and injuries.

When it comes to filing a delivery truck accident suit, you can either file the suit yourself or contact a skilled delivery truck accident attorney ready to work for you. Choose the latter. Portland’s most proficient delivery truck accident attorney team, the Dawson Law Group, is ready to hear from you, so call now! Your initial consultation is free!