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As a consumer, you trust that the products you use will help or enhance your life. So, when a broken, malfunctioning, or faulty item you purchased injures you, first, seek medical care. Then, turn to Portland’s Dawson Law Group.

The Dawson Law Group prides itself in offering unparalleled legal assistance to clients who have been injured by broken and faulty products.  As a trusted and respected personal injury law firm, you can rest assured of the most comprehensive legal support available.

Product Liability & How an Experienced Portland Product Liability Attorney Can Help

Given our current times, it’s not uncommon to hear about a faulty product causing harm to an unsuspecting consumer. When the product you trust to help and enhance your activities or life causes harm and injury, you need a trusted law firm with experience and knowledge of Oregon’s personal injury and product liability laws to help you secure justice as well as compensation you deserve.

Some of the most common injuries from faulty products include burns, bruises, broken limbs and arms, concussions and head trauma, and even paralysis and other life-altering ailments. A resulting injury can also cause total job loss, unexpected expenses, and mounting medical bills. Not only that, but the emotional distress and possible fear of utilizing other products may plague you and affect your daily life. Portland’s Dawson Law Group understands this. As such, their quest to secure your justice and the maximum compensation for you will be fueled by your pain and suffering.

Portland Product Liability Attorney Ready to Help You Obtain Justice

Portland’s Dawson Law Group is a leading personal injury law firm with decades of experience. Furthermore, they have helped clients secure millions of dollars in compensation. They provide their clients with personal service and attention and can answer questions that may seem difficult to answer.

So, for the compassionate and comprehensive legal assistance you need, contact Portland’s premier product liability attorney team, the Dawson Law Group. Your free initial consultation awaits so contact them today!