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Oregon is one of the most picturesque states with a total of “…255 state parks, including camping at 58 parks, open on 109,000 acres.” As such, a bicycle ride within Oregon is sure to be a memorable, joyous, and relaxing one. There is, however, nothing joyous about being hurt during a bicycle ride, due to a motorist or another cyclist’s negligence or mistakes.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, then it’s time to contact Portland’s premier personal injury lawyer group, specializing in bicycle accidents, the Dawson Law Group.

Bicycle Accidents & How Your Portland Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You Now

In Oregon, a bicycle is a vehicle by law. When riding your bike on a road, you have the same rights and duties as other road users. With a few exceptions, the rules of the road for drivers apply to [bicyclists].”

Unfortunately, Oregon sees its share of bicycle accidents and fatalities. In 2018, it was documented that in Portland, fatalities “…stabilized for automobile occupants and motorcyclists, while fatalities have been increasing for pedestrians and bicyclists.” Further research ranked the state of Oregon as the third most dangerous state for cyclists.

While wearing your helmet, adhering to Oregon bike laws, and remaining vigilant while riding your bicycle all help in decreasing the likelihood of you being involved in a bicycle accident, there is no absolute barrier from biking accidents. The Dawson Law Group understands this and stands ready to be the bicycle accident lawyer team you need.

Some of the most common injuries sustained after a bicycle accident include bruises, cuts, concussions, fractured legs and arms, head and neck trauma, spine injuries, and other ailments. At the Dawson Law Group, you can be assured of a thorough investigation of your claims, ensuring the best possible outcome to your bicycle accident case.

Choose Portland’s Premiere Bicycle Accident Lawyer Now

Your bicycle accident is a serious matter and it will be treated as such by the Dawson Law Group. The Dawson Law Group has decades of experience with personal injury, with a specialization in bicycle accidents. Furthermore, they have helped valued clients secure millions of dollars in compensation. You won’t find a more devoted, diligent, and skilled law group for your bike accident case than the Dawson Law Group.

So, contact Portland’s most trusted bicycle accident lawyer team today for your free consultation. Your wellbeing is at stake and the Dawson Law Group wants to help now!