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Construction accidents are, unfortunately, commonplace and cause hundreds of individuals pain and suffering each year. While many construction companies have safety measures and guidelines to follow, injuries on construction sites still happen. If you’ve been injured on a construction site, it may be to your benefit to discuss your injury with Portland’s dedicated and experienced construction site accidents attorney team, the Dawson Law Group.

Recognized as a trusted, respected, and results-driven personal injury law firm, the Dawson Law Group has the tenacity, agility, and experience to represent you using the highest ethical practices and procedures. Portland’s Dawson’s Law Group will offer you the most comprehensive legal assistance, ensuring the best possible outcome to your construction site accident case.

Why You Need a Competent Portland Construction Site Accidents Attorney

Oregon is a “comparative negligence” state. This means that with regard to your construction site accident, the injured worker, the construction company, and possibly its contractors and outsourcing professionals, share in the responsibility of the accident that ensued. In other words, with “comparative negligence,” the worker is awarded compensation based upon the amount of responsibility that worker is found to have. So, if after an investigation of your claims, you as the injured worker are found to be “50% responsible” for the accident, you will be awarded 50% of the compensation.

As one can imagine, varying degrees of responsibility may be found. In some instances, an injured worker may not receive any compensation or get very little to pay for their medical treatment and recovery regimen. Because of the complexities of construction accident claims, you need an attorney. Imagine how difficult construction companies and other entities will make it for you to receive any money at all!

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Given the complex nature of a construction site accident claim, it’s advantageous to let an experienced and dedicated construction site accidents attorney assist. The construction site accidents attorneys at Dawson Law Group are not only qualified to handle all aspects of your case, but also have a proven track record of success, securing millions of dollars for accident victims.

So, for the construction site accident you have succumbed to, contact Portland’s most trusted and dedicated construction site accidents attorney team now, the Dawson Law Group. You have nothing to lose and your initial consultation is free.