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Bike Accident Attorney for Portland Oregon - FAQ's

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Bicycle Accident FAQs

Portland is a great city to be a bicyclist- for the most part, our beautiful city has great bicycling infrastructure, respectful motorists, and a vibrant biking community. Bryan Dawson and Ben Larson, the two personal injury attorneys of Dawson Law Group, are avid cyclists and mountain bikers who ride their bikes to work as often as they can. They understand firsthand the dangers of riding in street traffic and have a passion for helping fellow bicyclists. Below are some frequently asked questions about bicycle accident injury cases. If you have further questions or if you or someone you know recently sustained injuries in a bicycle crash, we invite you to call us for free and confidential phone consultation where we can get to know you and answer your questions.

What are the most common types of bicycle and car accidents in Portland?

The two most common bicycle accidents are the right hook (where a car passing a cyclist riding in the same direction in the bike lane or on the right shoulder makes a right turn into the path of the cyclist) or a left hand turn (when a car turns left into a cyclist riding the other direction.) In both of these cases, the bicyclist often can do very little to prevent the accident. How long do I have to take action for personal injury sustained in a Portland bicycle accident? portland-bicycle-accident-lawyer-97203-Reed-CollegeThe statute of limitations for a personal injury suit for an Oregon bicycle accident is generally 2 years after the accident or 2 years after the date that the injury should have reasonably been discovered (cannot be more than 5 years after the date of the accident.) However, the time to provide notice of a potential claim can be much shorter if, for instance, you will be making a claim against Tri Met or another government entity, or if a drunk driver may be involved. To protect yourself, it’s vital that you act quickly after an accident. If you have questions about the statute of limitations of your accident, feel free to call Dawson Law Group, your Portland personal injury lawyers, for a free phone consultation and we would be happy to answer your call questions.

Who are the parties I can recover damages from for my Portland bicycle accident?

  • Other drivers (if the drivers’ negligence caused the accident)
  • Manufacturers or retailers of bicycles, and bicycle parts or accessories, as well as the manufacturers of other vehicles involved, assuming a defect in the product or the product’s design caused the accident. (For more information from Dawson Law Group, your Portland personal injury lawyers, please visit our defective or dangerous products cases in Oregon FAQ page.)
  • Public or personal property owners (if negligent design, maintenance, or upkeep led to dangerous conditions that contributed to the Portland bicycle accident.)

How do I prove my Portland, OR bicycle accident claim?

portland-bicycle-accident-lawyer-97201-SW-Columbia-StYou need to gather as much information relating to the accident, if possible. Some good documents to have are police reports, medical reports, witness statements, and insurance documents. Take pictures as soon as possible after the accident of the damage to your bicycle (take many pictures with good lighting), the damage to your riding gear and accessories caused by the accident, as well as the injuries you sustained in the injury. The experienced and knowledgeable Portland personal injury lawyers at Dawson Law Group can work for and with you to collect evidence and support the claim.

Should I accept the settlement that the insurance company is offering?

Regardless of if you are dealing with your own insurance company or the at-fault party’s insurance company, you should consult with a Portland, OR personal injury attorney before you accept any settlements or sign any binding agreements. Talking to a personal injury attorney will give you context to see if you are being lowballed compared to similar personal injury cases in Portland, and help you explore your various legal options.

How long will it take to secure compensation for my Portland, OR bicycle accident?

There are too many factors at play to be able to give you a completely accurate estimate. Just know that as avid members of the Portland cycling community, we have a special passion for helping protect our fellow riders. Our Portland personal injury lawyers will do everything in our power to help you get the justice you deserve and the compensation you need to move on from your bicycle accident. If you’re worried about incurring excessive legal fees, don’t worry any longer. Our Portland personal injury cases such as bicycle accident cases are taken on a contingent basis, meaning that our payment of fees is taken out of your settlement or award. That means that until we get you the compensation you deserve, you won’t have to worry about lawyer fees from us. Call Dawson Law Group today for a free phone consultation. We want to get to know you, hear your story, answer your questions, and help you explore your legal options. Whether it is Ben or myself that ends up taking lead on your case, rest assured that we will fight a hard as we can to help you win compensation and move on from your accident.