How do I choose a personal injury lawyer?

When you need the expertise of a personal injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon, you need to take extra care to find the best one for your situation. You will want to choose someone that will work diligently in order to get you maximum compensation for your damages and injuries. When someone is negligent and causes pain and suffering, they have to pay. A professional personal injury lawyer fights hard in order to get our clients the compensation that they deserve, so they don’t have to worry about finances when they’re healing and recovering. If you have been hurt because of someone’s negligence, carelessness or recklessness, you need to contact a professional Portland personal injury lawyer today.

Get Paid for Your Injuries

If you’ve been hurt, you should never have to worry about a loss of income or medical bills after a personal injury accident. The responsible party who was negligent will try to offer you less than you deserve a lot of the time. However, with the help of our proficient personal injury lawyer, we can ensure you get the amount of compensation that you deserve.

Some things that can be included in a personal injury lawsuit in Portland can include (and is not limited to):

  • Loss of income or ability to work
  • Medical bills (past, present, and future) including rehabilitation if needed
  • Damage to vehicles and/or property
  • Trauma including pain and suffering, anguish and/or anxiety and depression

While you’re taking the necessary time to recover, our personal injury law team will get you the compensation you need to go on. Whether through mediation, negotiation, or litigation, we will see your personal injury lawsuit through to the end. A Portland personal injury lawyer understands all laws pertaining to personal injury lawsuits in the State of Oregon and can uphold them in all legal proceedings for our clients.

Call to Schedule a Free Consultation With a Personal Injury Attorney Today

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