How a Bike Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Compensated For Your Injury

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Portland is a great city to ride your bike. Our bike accident attorney team understands firsthand the dangers of riding in street traffic. We can help represent you in a bike accident case with ease. Handling a Portland bike accident claim is similar to that of a car accident claim. There can be issues, however, because the bicyclist often doesn’t have automobile insurance. While most auto insurance policies carry personal injury protection benefits, Oregon insurance policies also provide underinsured and uninsured protection too. A bike accident attorney is experienced at investigating the many issues associated with Portland bike accidents.

What are the most common types of bike accidents in Portland?

The two most common bike accidents are a left-hand turn when a car turns left into a cyclist riding the opposite direction or the right hook where a car passing a bicyclist riding in the same direction makes a turn right into the bike’s path. In both of these cases, the bicyclist can do very little to prevent an accident from occurring.

What is the statute of limitations in Oregon for bicycle accidents?

Oregon statutes of limitations law states that you have 2 years after the accident or 2 years after the date that the injury was discovered to make a claim. The time needed to provide notice of a potential claim however is much shorter. Ultimately, this makes it important to act quickly if you are involved in a bike accident. A bike accident attorney can help you to recover damages from your accident. These damages can come from other drivers (if they were negligent), manufacturers, or retailers of the bike.

Contact a Bike Accident Attorney Today

Our professional team of bike accident attorneys can help you to determine whether or not your case is worth fighting. We can also advise you on whether or not to take the insurance settlement. Our Portland personal injury cases are taken on a contingent basis, meaning that our fees are only paid out of your settlement. Call Dawson Law Group today to speak to a bike accident attorney at 503-919-1315.