Hire a Ski Accident Lawyer in Portland for Your Personal Injury Claim

As a skier or snowboarder, you know that there is some risk to this physical activity. You are required to sign a waiver before getting onto a chairlift after all. However, while you do give away some rights, several things can happen that are beyond your control that could lead to an injury or death. It’s important for Oregon skiers to understand what their rights are. A ski accident lawyer in Portland can help you understand your rights and to represent you in a ski accident lawsuit.

What are some instances of ski accidents?

Some instances of a ski accident in Portland include but are not limited to:

  1. Colliding with other snowboarders or skiers
  2. Chairlift malfunction
  3. Equipment failure
  4. Inadequate instruction from the instructor
  5. Falling or running into stationary objects such as rocks, signs, barriers, fences or trees

When these particular ski accidents occur; you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries including financial impacts, pain and suffering, missing time from work, and medical bills.

How can a ski accident lawyer in Portland help me?

This ski accident lawyer in Portland specializes in ski accidents and is able to pursue damages on your behalf. They first must prove another person’s negligence is responsible for your injuries. This could be another individual was being reckless, the equipment was poorly maintained or you were given poor instruction.

When you’ve been injured in a snowboard or ski accident, it’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. You will need to file a lawsuit according to the statute of limitations in the state of Oregon. This filing deadline will depend on who is negligent whether it is an individual, a manufacturer, or a government entity. A ski accident lawyer will know all the specifics and can help guide you through the legal process of recovering damages for your injuries.

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