Fixing Oregon Highway 8

[posted by Bryan Dawson, October 16, 2014]

bicycle-transportation-alliancePortland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance is leading a petition campaign to bring pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the Portland area’s Tualatin Valley Highway. Given that this road makes three appearances on the list of Oregon’s 60 most dangerous traffic spots, it is a very worthy effort. Highway 8 isn’t even safe for car drivers!

The BTA explains:

Tualatin Valley Highway is the only east-west route connecting the communities of Beaverton, Aloha-Reedville, Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove. Today, crossing the highway is dangerous; accessing transit is difficult and unpleasant; and driving along the highway is frustrating and nerve-wracking. A bike lane exists along some of the corridor, but it is inadequate even for some of the strongest and most fearless people riding bikes due to unsafe intersections, gaps in the bike lane, and frequent driveways along large developments. Many people biking and walking are often forced to go far out of their way to avoid compromising their safety on TV Highway.

As Oregon injury lawyers, we encourage everybody to sign this petition.