Five Examples of Premises Liability Accidents

The law requires that property owners exercise reasonable care to ensure that all who enter upon their property remain safe. If they fail to take measures to do this, they can often be found negligent if someone is injured in an accident as a result.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots that become wet, slippery, or icy are common causes of premises liability accidents. Parking lots in shopping malls that are poorly lit invite muggings or other tripping and falling accidents that cause injury to those who park there.  Parking lot owners must take care to remove ice from parking areas and keep these areas well lit.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Retail shops or similar areas that are poorly maintained by property owners or that have boxes or furniture lying in the path of those who walk through it may be liable for slip and fall accidents. Store owners and others who allow the public to frequent their properties should have clear aisles for customers to walk through.

Animal Bite Accidents

Dog and other animal bites and attacks can cause serious injury or even death. If a dog owner is aware that his dog is aggressive and may bite someone, he may be held liable if the dog should injure someone. Dog bite injuries can result in permanent scarring or the loss of a finger or eye.

Accidents Related to Inadequate Security

Owners of office property or residential dwellings have the responsibility to prevent break-ins and secure the building so that residents may be safe. If a robber or killer should enter a building that is poorly secured, the injured party may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Elevator Accidents

Elevators that are not fully operational because they are broken, being repaired, or temporarily out of service are extremely dangerous areas. These elevators must be marked so that no one will try to use them. Failure to do this can result in very serious consequences and very expensive lawsuits.

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