Auto Accident Insurance Claims Process

The auto accident insurance claims process involves more than simply making a phone call to your auto insurance company after you have been in an auto accident. In order to maximize the compensation settlement from the claim, you must take all the correct steps that will help show how much your injuries truly cost you in the long run. It’s not always apparent at first how many expenses are involved, from treatment and rehabilitation to lost wages or inability to return to a job. An auto accident attorney can help you get through the often-complex auto accident insurance claims process.

Actions to Take After an Auto Accident

After an auto accident, move the involved vehicles out of the way but do not leave the scene. Call 911 for medical assistance for serious injuries and notify the police immediately. Obtain all contact information for the involved parties and information regarding their insurance companies. Document evidence of the scene, including photographs, if possible, and talk with any potential witnesses.  Get their contact information, as well. You should always report the accident to the police, even if there are no injuries. Take note of the accident scene itself and related road and weather conditions. Don’t argue with the other involved parties.

What Is Needed to File a Claim

The first thing to do after the accident is resolved is to contact your insurance company to file a claim. This must be done in a timely fashion, or it could jeopardize your claim settlement. If the claim involved some dispute between parties or there were serious injuries involved, you would benefit from hiring an auto accident attorney to help you with the claims process and the insurance company. This type of attorney will understand how the other parties or insurance companies may attempt to give you a settlement that is too low, and s/he can help you get a better outcome.

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