How to Win a Slip and Fall Case

Slip-and-Fall-PortlandEvery day people are injured by slipping and falling. Often this is the fault of the property owner as they have failed to maintain their floors to reasonable safety standards. At Dawson Law Group we specialize in slip and fall lawsuits and are the top personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon has to offer. We fight tirelessly for our clients in order to ensure that they are justly compensated for their injuries. When we take on your slip and fall case there is several things that we will seek to prove for the success of your lawsuit.
It is first necessary that we prove the owners of the property you were injured on are liable. In order for the defendant to be deemed liable by the courts it is necessary that we prove one of these circumstances to be true.

  • An employee of the property or the property owner must have caused the situation that resulted in your injury, whether it is a spill, slippery surface, or worn or torn flooring.
  • The employees or owners of the property knew of the dangerous conditions and chose not to correct or fix the conditions.
  • The employees or owners of the property should have been aware of the dangerous conditions if they were performing regular and reasonable maintenance of the property.

One or more of these circumstances must be proven true by your attorney in order that you win your slip and fall lawsuit. At Dawson Law Group we have in our employ the most experienced personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide and will gladly go to work for you.

When working on your case it is essential that we prove you had a right to be in the area where the fall occurred. If you were to slip and fall in a cordoned-off area that was labeled dangerous you would be liable for you injuries. However, if you slipped and fell in an area clear for the public, such as a store front, the owners of the property could be considered liable. Showing the jury that you had a right to be in the area where the accident took place will set your lawsuit up for success.

Next, as your legal representation, we will need to prove that you were not acting carelessly when the accident occurred. In order for you to win it must be shown that you were proceeding with reasonable caution. Reasonable is a relative term that can be difficult to define and is left to the interpretation of the jury. When judging your case the jury will consider several factors when determining if you were acting with a reasonable level of caution.

Would a cautious person have noticed the uneven surface? Were there signs that the area was dangerous? Were you paying attention to your surroundings when you fell? As your case progresses we will be able to address each of these concerns in order to show that you were acting with sufficient care.

As the most qualified personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon has to offer we, at Dawson Law Group, will work tirelessly to see you justly compensated for you injury. We are well versed in the dynamics of slip and fall cases and can confidently represent you. Our record of successfully handling these lawsuits set us apart from other law firms and makes us uniquely qualified to take on your case. Call Dawson Law Group today and rest easy knowing your slip and fall lawsuit is in qualified hands.

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