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Were you injured in a residential slip and fall accident? If so it’s time to hire the top personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon has. At Dawson Law Group we will gladly walk you through the claims process of your residential slip and fall. Your injury may very well be covered by the property owner’s home liability insurance. As your personal injury lawyers in Portland Oregon, we will fight to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Residential-Slip-and-Fall-CasesA slip and fall must take place on the property that is privately owned for it to be classified as residential. In these cases you must prove negligence on the part of the homeowner in order for their liability insurance to cover your injuries. Each homeowner’s insurance plan has liability coverage that is intended to compensate someone who is injured on the property. If an injury does occur on the homeowner’s property the injured party’s medical bills may be covered by the property owner’s insurance. The homeowner must be found negligent for the claim to be valid.

There are many types of residential slip and fall accidents. Some of the most common accidents occur on stairs. In order for a homeowner to be found liable for a slip and fall accident on their stairs the stairs themselves must be deemed unsafe. If there are no handrails or the handrails that are in place are faulty the homeowner could be found liable. Shallow or uneven steps, poorly placed rugs and loose carpeting are all situations where a homeowner could be found liable.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain a safe environment and failure to do so could be seen as negligence.

Slip and falls that occur in the home are often due to poor carpeting. As carpeting ages it can become dangerous. Often sections will rise up and create a tripping hazard or holes will form. It is even possible for the carpet to crease and create an uneven surface. The homeowner has a responsibility to correct these unsafe conditions as soon as they are aware.

Sidewalks and walkways are also the responsibility of the homeowner. A homeowner must keep these areas reasonably safe. Cracked sidewalks are the responsibility of the city to maintain but the homeowner does have a responsibility to clear snow and ice during the winter months. Even though the homeowner has this responsibility it is difficult to win a case against a homeowner under these circumstances. Snow and ice are a hazard of living in states that have both in winter and people are called to act with caution when walking outside. These types of cases are hard to win against a homeowner especially if they go to trial. Juries generally rule in favor of the homeowner.

If you were the victim of a slip and fall accident on a residential property it’s time to hire the most qualified personal injury attorneys Portland has to offer. At Dawson Law Group we are well versed in the law surrounding these cases and can confidently and successfully represent you. Our lawyers are the very best personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide and would be honored to work for you. Call Dawson Law Group today and rest easy knowing that your residential slip and fall case is in qualified hands.

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