Liability in Wrongful Death Case

Have you lost a loved one as the result of a wrongful death? If so it’s time that you hire the most qualified personal injury attorney Portland Oregon has to offer. At Dawson Law Group we are well versed in the laws surrounding wrongful death and would be honored to serve as your legal representation. Often our clients in wrongful death cases are unsure of who can be held liable for their loss. Liability in a wrongful death case truly depends on the nature of the death. Whether it is motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, defective and dangerous product, work place accident, or even murder those who can be held liable are unique to the particular case.

In a motor vehicle accident the at-fault party of the accident that resulted in a wrongful death can be held liable. If the driver was intoxicated and their driving caused an accident that ended the life of your loved one, you have a right sue them for the death. If the accident occurred in company vehicle it is legal for you to file a lawsuit against business owner. They are responsible for their employees, and therefore, can be held liable for a wrongful death motor vehicle accident that was caused by their employee while driving a company vehicle.

In medical malpractice wrongful death cases both the doctor and hospital can be sued. Doctors have a responsibility to their patients and should their negligent actions result in a death they are liable. The hospital where the doctor works can also be held liable. A hospital is responsible for the actions of their employees and when a doctor causes a wrongful death the hospital can be sued. It is entirely possible to sue both the hospital and doctor a single death.

In a defective and dangerous product wrongful death the entire chain of distribution can be held liable. This includes the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and retailer. In these types of wrongful deaths each party can be held responsible and sued in a single lawsuit. When suing multiple parties it is essential that you hire the most experienced personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide.

construction-law-faqs-02Work place wrongful deaths are generally the responsibility of the employer. Employers are responsible for having safe working environments according to OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Should an employer fail to meet these standards and it results in a death, the loved ones left behind can bring a lawsuit against them. It is also possible for an employer to be sued due to the careless actions of their employees. Should an employee cause a death while on the job both the employer and employee can face a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful death can also be a death intentionally caused by another. Whether it is murder or manslaughter the person responsible for your loved ones death can be held responsible. Even if the at-fault party is found not guilty of criminal charges they can still be found guilty of wrongful death. The burden of proof for wrongful death is lesser than that of murder or manslaughter.

There are several types of wrongful death cases and in each the people held responsible can differ. It is crucial that you have the top personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can offer to guide you through this process. At Dawson Law Group we have successfully represented our clients in all types of wrongful death lawsuits and will gladly go to work for you. Call Dawson Law Group today and gain the legal representation you deserve.

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