Arbitrations: What Are They?

Besides being easily confused with a deposition because the words are so similar, an arbitration is a mystery to many people who may be getting involved in the litigation process.  Everyone knows what trials look like because they’re shown – often in an unrealistic light – in hundreds of movies and TV

Top Five Things I’ve Learned as a Lawyer

1. Honesty Is Vital During trial and deposition, witnesses are under oath and at all stages attorneys are officers of the court, so being honest is legally required. But the importance of honesty runs deeper. Clients and potential clients need to be honest with their lawyer from the first meeting, so that

Car Crash Dangers: An Urban Problem

[Posted by Bryan Dawson, October 1, 2014] For something so common, we don’t think very much or very carefully about the basic facts of automotive collisions. On our Dawson Law Group website, I just created a page discussing some of the most important realities of car crashes in Oregon. Please take a

50 Bike Rides

[Posted by Bryan Dawson, October 14, 2014] Each year I try to ride my bike to and from work on 50 or more days. This year I’m already approaching my goal; I’ve ridden 47 times as of 10/14/14, so I may be able to squeeze in 60 rides before the light fades

Fixing Oregon Highway 8

[posted by Bryan Dawson, October 16, 2014] Portland’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance is leading a petition campaign to bring pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the Portland area’s Tualatin Valley Highway. Given that this road makes three appearances on the list of Oregon’s 60 most dangerous traffic spots, it is a very worthy

Car Insurance Myths

[posted by Bryan Dawson, October 21, 2014] Yesterday, released results of its survey of a national sample of 2,000 insured drivers from across the country. Among the Top Ten mistaken beliefs about insurance coverage were seven that had to do with auto insurance. Here they are:   Top 7 Auto Insurance

Road Design, Speed Limits, and Car Crashes

[posted by Ben Larson, October 22, 2014] While car accident fatalities and injuries have continued to climb in other countries, Sweden has been engineering around the problem, with a goal to eliminate car injuries and deaths altogether. The plan is called “Vision Zero” and has been in effect since 1997. Check out

Defective Airbags Recall

  If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what a big explosion you get when your car’s airbag deploys. People often suffer burns, eye injuries, bloody noses and other facial trauma from this life-saving technology. Imagine adding shrapnel to the airbag’s deployment! That’s a possibility with airbags in certain car models. The