Free Speech

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has again attempted to clarify the boundaries of “free speech” in Anderson v. Hermosa Beach, 08-56914, the most recent ruling in long string of federal free speech jurisprudence. The law at issue was a Hermosa Beach City Ordinance banning the operation of tattoo parlors within city

Negligence Per Se

Saltzman Road in northwest Portland was closed on March 15, 2010, because of a severe car accident. The closure was extended as Washington County Sheriff’s office dispatched a crash analysis reconstruction team to aid in their criminal investigation. The Sheriff’s office suspects that one of the drivers was impaired at the time

Privacy Policy

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Published 11-23-15 The civil legal system has increasingly come under fire. It is widely believed that our tort system has become a flawed mess of un-meritorious lawsuits and greedy lawyers searching for any theory for which to bring a claim. The statement, “lawsuits are out of control,” is rarely, if ever questioned

Depositions: What, Why, How

A deposition is when you testify under oath during discovery in a lawsuit.  You’ll be asked questions by the attorneys who represent other parties to the lawsuit, and sometimes your attorney will ask you questions to clarify an issue.  Usually depositions take place in a conference room at one of the attorney’s