How Much Do I Pay My Accident Lawyer?

At Dawson Law Group we specialize in representing clients in their car accident claims. We can provide you with a Portland car accident lawyer that will confidently and successfully handle your unique case. Many people who are in car accidents are worried that if they hire an attorney they will pay more in legal fees than they will receive in their settlement. The way car accident cases are dealt with is different than many other types of legal cases. Most attorneys charge their clients on a contingency basis rather than an hourly rate.

In many legal cases the client is required to pay an hourly rate or retainer fee. In car accident cases most attorneys work on a contingency basis. Your Portland car accident lawyer will be paid out of the settlement that you receive. You will not be required to pay them an hourly rate for their time. If you do not receive a settlement your attorney will simply not be paid. Your car accident attorney only receives payment if you do. At Dawson Law Group we are confident that we can ensure you receive a fair settlement and will only be paid a percentage out of that settlement.

Your lawyer will receive between 25% to 40% of your settlement as payment for their time and service. The most common percentage is 33% but it can vary depending on the state and details of your case. In some states the amount your lawyer receives will vary based on the stage of your case when it is settled. If a settlement is able to be reached between you and the at-fault party’s insurance company before going to court the contingency fee may be of a lesser percentage. This is because your lawyer wouldn’t have had to put in as much time and effort as they would have if the case went to court.

When hiring your Portland car accident lawyer be clear on the legal fees that you are required to pay. While your car accident attorney is paid on a contingency basis some firms will require that you pay court fees. The most common fees that you may be required to pay are cost of serving summons and subpoenas, court filing fees, court reporter fees and expert witness fees. Many of these fees will only occur if you are unable to reach a settlement and your claim goes to court. Some firms will cover these fees and if you win your case will deduct them from your settlement. When writing a contract with your lawyer for their services make sure that their contingency fee is paid out of the net value of your case. This means that they only receive their contingency fee out of the amount that is left after court costs.  Your car accident attorney will only be granted 33% of what is left over after these fees and not 33% of your entire settlement.

At Dawson Law Group we understand that car accident cases can be confusing and difficult to traverse. We will gladly guide you through the process and see that you are fairly compensated. When you hire our firm we will provide you with a qualified Portland car accident lawyer to fight relentlessly for you. Call Dawson Law Group today and gain an advocate in your car accident case.

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