Allies and Causes We Support

Allies and Causes We Support

Dawson Law Group is a proud business member of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. BTA headquarters are at 618 NW Glisan St #401, Portland, Oregon, 97209. Phone there is 503-226-0676.


We support the work of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Portland, and encourage people to volunteer for them.



Despite the continuing prevalence of DUIMothers Against Drunk Driving has certainly reduced the rate of death and injury due to intoxicated driving. Tens of thousands of us are still alive thanks to that.


Distracted driving has become an epidemic. You can read the basic statistics on our Legal Resources pageRead more about the issue here.

If you doubt distracted driving is a problem, try standing at a bus stop and watching the passing drivers. Our paralegal, a frequent TriMet rider, does this often and his observations confirm that a shocking number of people text and make phone calls while driving cars and trucks. Researchers estimate that cell phone use is a factor in 25 percent of all car crashes.

Because of such realities and our law firm’s history, we strongly support toughening distracted driving laws, as well as publicity efforts like that of the National Safety Council:

NSC Safety on the Road – Prevent Death By Cell Phone

Thousands of lives could be saved each year. Help us make our world safer; stay off the phone while you are on the road. One of our trusted partners is Carr Court Reporting. We have relied on their precision and speed for over a decade. When we schedule depositions in your personal injury case, you will be getting unbeatable court reporting. A great deposition transcript is often a major advantage in a trial, hearing, or settlement conference. Being able to prove exactly what was said by somebody can make a good case great.

As our client, please feel free to recommend other groups and causes we might help or promote.