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Looking for help during this challenging legal process?

When you or a family members are faced with the tragic situation of being in a motorcycle accident, having the right Portland motorcycle lawyer will make the entire process easier on you and your family.  At Dawson Law Group we know how important having the right team is to the success of your legal case. Automobile accidents that involve a motorcycle or a semi truck often call on an attorney to have a different kind of skill and expertise. We have represented numerous clients over the years who have been on a motorcycle at the time of an accident, or been struck by a semi truck or other industrial vehicle. One difference with these kinds of cases is that the injuries tend to be more severe; motorcyclists have little structure around them to prevent a severe injury at the time of impact with a car or truck, and semi trucks and other super-sized vehicles often inflict grievous injuries because of the massively increased forces involved.


What Makes a Motorcycle Accident Different?

Another difference with motorcycle accidents is that many motorists attempts to avoid blame for an accident, claiming that the motorcycle was impossible to see or to avoid. When these kinds of claims are made, it is vital that an investigation be initiated as soon as possible. It is especially vital that any independent witnesses be contacted and their statements be taken. If there is a delay, such vital evidence, which can establish the reasonable speed and visibility of the motorcyclist, can be lost. If possible, an attorney should be contacted immediately after an accident involving a motorcyclist because this also allows for an investigation of the physical evidence at the accident site. We work with the preeminent experts in their field who can analyze damage to the vehicles, skidmarks, sightlines, and other attributes of the vehicle and scene. Contacting us as soon after an accident as possible prevents physical evidence from being destroyed, changed, or fading away as time passes after the accident.


Accidents involving semi trucks or other industrial vehicles also often call on specialized litigation knowledge. Operators of such vehicles are often required to keep logs of the times and locations of their travels. There can sometimes be unique outside sources of evidence relating to a truck driver’s conduct such as on-board computers and documents from weigh stations. Such litigation issues as locating the real responsible party among various entities that could employ a driver can also become vital.

What Makes These Cases Different?

The stakes in these kinds of cases can be very high. The people involved in collisions well they are riding a motorcycle, or when they are struck by a semi truck, are lucky enough to walk away with only a couple bumps or bruises. Sadly, many people involved in these accidents face life-changing injuries. They may spend a significant amount time in a hospital bed, and months or years receiving intensive treatment. They may miss work for an extended period of time, or they may need to receive training to pursue a kind of work that accommodates their injuries. Getting the best treatment and getting back to work are the top goals after being involved in these devastating accidents. It is also vital that you receive skilled legal representation so that your medical bills will be paid and you will have the resources to get back on your feet. We want to help you. Please call us if you need Portland motorcycle accident lawyer to schedule a meeting, and we can come to you if you are unable to travel.