Motorcycle Crash Attorney Compensation

What should I do after I’m involved in a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle crash attorney in Portland can accurately answer any questions you have regarding an accident claim. For motorcycle riders who have gotten in an accident caused by poorly-maintained infrastructure or another vehicle or motorcycle, you deserve compensation for your injuries. A free and confidential consultation with a Portland, Oregon motorcycle crash attorney from Dawson Law Group will help determine whether or not you have a viable case to fight.

First, make sure that you and any others involved in the accident do not have serious injuries. Next, gather witness names and contact information as well as insurance information. These details will help your motorcycle crash attorney in Portland later on to complete your claim with ease. If your motorcycle crash involved personal injury, property damage or death, you must notify the police as well as file an accident report with the State of Oregon DMV.

Is it required of me to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Portland, Oregon? Can I still recover damages from an accident if I wasn’t?

In the State of Oregon, it is legally required to wear a US Department of Transportation approved helmet while riding a motorcycle. However, if you were injured and weren’t wearing one, you may still have a viable personal injury claim. A personal injury claim for a motorcycle crash is determined by five factors including:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity (if you can no longer work)
  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering

Most of these cases are settled in months, while others may go to trial, which will take longer. Dawson Law Group and their motorcycle crash attorney team are experts at dealing with this type of litigation and getting clients the money they deserve. You won’t be charged a thing until you win your settlement or judgment. To learn more about personal injury claims from a motorcycle crash attorney in Portland, call 503-919-1315 today.