Recent Car Accident Settlements

Recent Car Accident Claims in Portland

Here are some examples of cases in the last 2 years where Dawson Law Group has been able to help our clients get the justice and compensation they deserve. All of these clients suffered grievous injury and loss, and the awards that our Portland personal injury lawyers were able to help them secure definitely made a lasting impact. Many of these cases were highly disputed. What sets Dawson Law Group apart from other personal injury attorneys in Portland, OR are two things- effort and experience. Our data collection and discovery process is unparalleled and we leave no stone unturned to make sure that your case is as airtight as it can be. Our experience representing both plaintiffs and defense in Portland personal injury cases allows us to understand our opponent’s strategy before they do and ensures that you are in the best position you can be.

Case 1: Distracted Driver Accident

Our client’s daughter was a pedestrian crossing an intersection in a crosswalk when she was struck and killed by a distracted driver.  Our client found us and we obtained the police report, contacted witnesses, and had experts examine the accident scene and the vehicles.  This case shows the importance of hiring skilled attorneys as soon as possible after a tragic incident so that no vital evidence is lost and so that interviews can occur before memories fade.  (Visit the following page to learn how our personal injury attorneys in Portland collect evidence.) We filed suit, conducted aggressive discovery and resolved the case for a seven-figure recovery.  We also assisted our client in making sure that the distracted driver stayed off the roads for an extended period.

Case 2: Failure to Stop at Red Light

Our client was driving to work when our client’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle that had run a red light at high speed.  Our client was then extracted from the vehicle and flown by Life Flight for life-saving care.  We conducted an investigation of the accident which included contacting witnesses and having our experts examine the scene and the vehicles before they were destroyed.  We received several settlements offers from the insurers, but we felt that the offers weren’t fair so we litigated the case.  At the hearing, we called emergency personnel, family members and doctors to testify.  The defense called its own doctor who claimed that the injuries weren’t as severe as we were claiming.  We prevailed and our client was awarded $946,156.99 in damages, with our client recovering the most possible under the insurance policies.

Case 3: Under-Insured Pickup Truck

In 2015, our client’s sister was driving near her home when her vehicle was hit by a pickup truck. Tragically, the sister died after being taken to the hospital, so her family needed legal representation and found our firm.  Police investigated the accident and then we began our investigation as soon as we were retained. There was a dispute about which of the two drivers had a green light at the intersection, and there were witnesses who at first appeared to support each of the possible explanations for how the accident occurred.  We built a strong case for the other driver being at fault.  We submitted demands to the insurer for the other driver which agreed to pay its policy limits, and then to the sister’s insurer for under-insured motorist benefits.  Our client received $500,000, the maximum possible under the insurance policies. Learn more about cases involving the death of a loved one at our Wrongful Death Claims page.

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