How to Write an Auto Accident Demand Letter

Were you in a car accident and need help with your claim? At Dawson Law Group our Portland car accident lawyers will provide you with a qualified Portland personal injury attorney to handle your car accident claim. Each one of our skilled Portland attorneys specializes in personal injury law and would be honored to go to work for you. One part of the claims process that many of our clients struggle to understand is the demand letter sent to the insurance carrier. Below we have outlined what a demand letter is and how it should be drafted.

Demand Letter

A demand letter is a letter sent to the at-fault party’s insurance carrier that describes your version of events concerning the accident, medical treatments, medical costs and the monetary value that you would settle for. Make sure to use specific times and dates to describe the events of the accident. This will add credibility to your statements.
Before you draft the demand letter it is vital that you gather records of all you medical bills and expenses from the accident. Often it is best to wait for your treatment to be complete before you write the demand letter. However, if you require long term treatment request records of the bills to date and have your doctor estimate how much the rest of your care will cost. Include in the letter the estimate for additional treatment.

It’s important that you incorporate your Portland personal injury attorney as you write the demand letter. They will be able to ensure that it contains all the details required.

How to Draft Your Demand Letter

At the top of your demand letter have your name, the name of the at-fault driver, claim number and the date of the incident. The first paragraph should outline the events as they occurred from your perspective. This is where you will include specific times, dates and locations. The second paragraph should detail the medical costs that have accrued due to injuries you obtained in the accident. Give the medical diagnosis of your injury first and then in chronological order describe each medical treatment you underwent. Include the date, where you were treated and who treated you. The third paragraph of your demand letter needs to list the costs of your medical treatment. List each treatment, chronological order is best, and if possible include the exact cost of the treatment. Also include the amount you are requesting in pain and suffering for the physical and emotional pain you endured. In the conclusion of the letter write the monetary amount you would agree to settle for. Make sure this initial number is more than what you expect to get. The at-fault party’s insurance company most likely will negotiate with you for a smaller amount so it’s best to give a larger figure to begin with.

Dawson Law Group pride ourselves on taking care of our clients. The Portland personal injury attorney you hire from our firm will work tirelessly to see that you receive the compensation you deserve. Throughout each step of your claims process we will be right beside you. Refuse to go through this alone and call Dawson Law Group today.

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