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West Linn Truck Accident LawyersThe United States economy operates on the back of the trucking industry, with 71 percent of all freight moved by trucks throughout the country. And yet, accidents involving these massive vehicles happen with incredible frequency.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), 60,744 large trucks were involved in injury crashes and 4,805 large trucks in fatal crashes in 2019. You may need legal help from a West Linn truck accident lawyer.

Unlike typical passenger vehicle accidents, truck accidents are uniquely dangerous and equally complicated. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need the representation of a highly experienced West Linn truck accident attorney to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. At the Dawson Law Group and throughout our careers, we have represented injury victims against unlawful and negligent trucking practices and procedures and the drivers and companies who perpetrate them.

The Dangers of a Truck Accident in West Linn

Large commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and eighteen-wheelers cause serious and often catastrophic accidents due to their size, design, and weight. Consequently, an accident involving a large truck can result in

  • More serious injuries
  • Greater medical costs and damages
  • More extensive property damage
  • An increased chance of fatality

Because of this, the industry is highly regulated. But when these regulations are ignored by owners and drivers, the company, driver, or rig owner can be held liable for an injured victim’s damages.

The Unique Challenges of Truck Accident Claims

Unfortunately, truck accidents are complicated, with many points of potential blame. Because proving negligence is one of the cornerstones of assessing liability, it is critical to get the help of an experienced West Linn truck accident attorney who understands the unique challenges that present themselves in these types of claims.

At the Dawson Law Group, our team of experienced West Linn truck accident attorneys understands trucking regulations and the potential issues that will invariably crop up in these complicated claims. With many possible sources of compensation, depending on the circumstances, we can recover maximum compensation for our clients so they can heal and move on with their lives.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents in West Linn

While accidents involving large trucks can be caused by the same things that cause passenger vehicle accidents, there are some causes that are particularly exlusive to truck accidents. These include

  • Truck driver error, including drowsiness, impairment, or distraction — Many truck drivers work under tight schedules with long hours behind the wheel. Consequently, driver error is the most common cause of trucking accidents in the United States.
  • Maintenance of the rig — Trucks put on an inordinate amount of mileage each year, requiring strict adherence to maintenance schedules. But this demands downtime and a potential hit to profitability, so some owners fail to properly maintain their vehicles as needed.
  • Improperly loaded and secured cargo — Cargo and freight that is not secured or loaded properly can shift, spill, or throw a truck completely off balance, often resulting in serious rollovers.
  • Violations of FMCSA violations — Regulations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration attempt to ensure the safety of the trucking industry. But schedule demands often have owners and drivers ignoring and faking information to keep on schedule, creating dangerous safety hazards.

When drivers and operators are forced to meet unrealistic schedules, it can create situations where they will ignore safety precautions to meet these timelines. But these behaviors equate to negligence, and any accidents that are caused as a result become the liability of the driver, the company, or other possible parties.

Possible points of liability can be,

  • The truck driver
  • The company the driver works for
  • The truck owner/operator
  • A leasing company, leasing the truck or trailer
  • The company that has contracted for the load
  • The manufacturer of the truck or truck parts and components
  • The person who was responsible for the truck’s maintenance

Insurance and Truck Accidents

Large trucking companies have equally large insurance policies. But these insurance companies are very good at laying blame on the victim. And because of the complex nature of a truck accident, they often get away with it. Don’t let this happen to you.

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