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Tportland-oregon-workers-compensation-attorney-01he construction industry is one of America’s largest business sectors. From civil engineering contracts to residential projects, carpenters, engineers, architects, and many other types of workers make their living in the construction industry. While the construction industry provides many jobs, it is also known as one a very dangerous trade to work in.
So what happens if you get injured on the job? Despite its inherently dangerous nature, workers in the construction field can be comforted by the fact that if they are injured on the job, they may have legal recourse to pursue compensation. If you or a loved one have recently been injured on the job in the construction field, then it may be time to talk to a Portland Workers’ Compensation lawyer today.


Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Oregon

It is absolutely vital to understand your rights after a construction accident. Whether you have recently been injured on the job or you are a grieving family member who has lost someone in a construction accident, Dawson Law Group’s construction accident attorneys are here to help. In the state of Oregon, if you are injured while performing daily work tasks, you may be eligible to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, the benefits of which can include:

  • Full medical costs
  • Partial compensation (2/3 of weekly wage while injured) for lost wages
  • Potential disability benefits
  • Death benefits


Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Have you recently filed an Oregon Workers’ Compensation Claim, only to receive a denial letter from the insurance company? If so, don’t be alarmed. You can appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim, and the majority of appealed denials are settled with a lump-sum settlement before a hearing even takes place. There is a 60 day deadline to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim. Talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to get more information about your specific case.


Third-Party Liability in Oregon

Iportland-oregon-workers-compensation-attorney-02n Oregon Workers’ Compensation cases that involve negligence, (regardless of if it’s yours or your employer’s) you will be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. However, in many cases, there may be additional avenues, such as filing a lawsuit, that you can additionally pursue to seek compensation from your employer in the event of negligence.
Depending on the circumstances around the incident that caused your injury, there may be multiple parties that should be held liable for damages caused by your accident. If a third party such as a maintenance company, equipment manufacturer, or negligent supervisor made a mistake or breached a duty of care that led to your accident, you may want to talk to a Portland personal injury attorney about filing a lawsuit in addition to your workers’ compensation claim.
When you file a lawsuit against a third party involved in your accident, you may recover additional damages and compensation than you could expect to recover in a workers’ compensation claim:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Physical therapy and additional healthcare expenses
  • Punitive damages (in extreme cases)

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If you or a loved one were recently injured in a construction accident, we urge you to call Dawson Law Group at 503-919-1315 for a free phone consultation. One of our construction accident attorneys will get to know you, hear your side of the story, evaluate your case, and explain the legal options you have in your situation, as well as advise you on the next steps you need to take to proceed. Give us a call today and let Dawson Law Group fight for you!