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Defective Product Liability

Defective Product Liability

Were you injured by a dangerous and defective product? If so you will need the most qualified personal injury attorney Portland Oregon has to offer as your legal representation. At Dawson Law Group we would be honored to represent you. Our years of successful experience handling dangerous and defective products cases set us apart from other law firms. Often our clients in these cases are unsure of who is liable for their injury. In many instances there are several parties responsible for the defective product. From the manufacturer, to the retailer and any middlemen in between the entire chain of distribution could be held liable.

The manufacturer is the first party in the chain of distribution. They are responsible for creating the product, and therefore, liable should the product be defective. Manufacturers range from large corporations to small businesses but each is responsible for the products they create. It is during manufacturing that defects are formed. Whether it be a flaw in the design or a malfunction during the formation process the manufacturer is responsible for the product they produce and any injuries that occur due to defects.

The retailer is also responsible for injuries that are caused by any dangerous and defective products they sell. While they may have been unaware of the defects in their product they have a legal responsibility for the goods they carry. Often a retailer may plead ignorance as a form of defense but this will simply not hold up in court.

Often there are middlemen that handle the product between the manufacturer and retailer. These are often wholesalers or distributors and they carry as much legal responsibility for the dangerous and defective product as the manufacturer and retailer. Keep in mind that you have the ability to sue more than one of these parties for your injuries. With the help of the most qualified personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide you will be able to hold each party in the chain of distribution responsible.

defective-products-caseIn many cases corporations are involved in the chain of distribution, whether they be manufacturers or retailers. Corporations frequently go through mergers and acquisitions so the owners of the company are subject to change. When ownership of a corporation fluctuates the new owner inherits the liability of the previous owner. Legally they can be held responsible for any previous dangerous and defective products that were made before they acquired the company. When including a corporation in your lawsuit it is vital that you hire the most experienced personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon can provide.

When there is more than one defendant in your dangerous and defective product lawsuit they are held jointly and severally responsible for your compensation. Jointly they must see that you receive restitution, together they hold the responsibility. Severally or separately they are also responsible. Each must pay a portion of the amount owed to you. If one party is unable to pay their portion the others must see it paid. While they may argue amongst themselves about the amounts each pay it is not your responsibility. They are required to compensate you fully for the monetary amount determined by the courts.

There are several players in the chain of distribution of a product and each has a responsibility to ensure that the products they handle are safe for public use. Each can be held liable when a dangerous and

defective product makes it onto the market. With the aid of the top personal injury attorneys Portland Oregon has to offer you will be able to seek compensation for all that you have suffered. At Dawson Law Group we have abundant knowledge of the laws surrounding these cases and can confidently represent you.

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