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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Portland, Oregon

Bike Injury Topics

As avid bike riders, we understand the dangers associated with riding a bike in street traffic. Both of our Portland personal injury attorneys like to mountain bike and regularly commute long distances to work. Even in a city like Portland, with its greatbiking infrastructure, there are clear risks in riding a bike when cars are present.

Minimizing Bicycle Accidents

portland personal injury attorneysYou can minimize the risks of cycling around cars by obeying the laws, wearing reflective gear, using lights, and riding defensively, but even the most aware riders can become victims of negligent drivers. But injury and deaths do happen in bicycle crashes, particularly those involving automobiles. Accord to the NHTSA, in 2012, 729 people were killed and 49,000 were injured in U.S. bike accidents. Interestingly, given the increasing prevalence of commuting, the NHTSA figures show that: the average age of bicyclists killed in crashes with motor vehicles was 43 years old, up from 32 in 1998, and 24 in 1988.

Pursuing Your Bicycle Accident Case

Handling an Portland bike accident claim is similar to handling a car accident claim. Portland, Oregon Personal Injury LawyerThere can be complications, though, because the bicyclist might not have automobile insurance. As discussed on ourcar crash injury page, every auto insurance policy carries personal injury protection benefits, which allow victims to get medical treatment covered. Most Oregon insurance policies also provide under-insured and uninsured protections, which cover you if you are hit by someone that doesn’t have insurance or only has a small policy. If a bicyclist doesn’t have auto insurance then they may not be covered under these policies. It can be very important to figure this out at the onset of your case. Additional information and advice from our Portland personal injury lawyers can be found on our Bicycle Accident Lawyer FAQs Page. We have extensive experience at investigating the many issues surrounding Portland bike accidents and a special passion for our fellow bicyclists, so call one of our accident attorneys in Portland today at 503-919-1315 to discuss your bicycle accident injury claim.