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What is a deposition in a car crash?

If you file a lawsuit seeking damages for the losses you suffer from a car accident, deposition is one of the methods to obtain information relevant to a car accident case. In a deposition, one of the parties associated with a lawsuit or their attorney will ask oral questions to another person that has information pertinent to the car accident.

Depositions may be with the drivers of the cars in the accident, passengers in the cars at the time of the accident, witnesses to the accident, doctors, and investigating police officers. You can conduct deposition on any number of people in a car accident lawsuit, provided the deponents possess valuable information related to the lawsuit.

Where is a deposition conducted?

You can conduct a deposition at any place that the court deems reasonable close to where the witness resides. However, you are not allowed to force a witness to travel long distances or force them into doing things for a deposition.

However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. Usually, depositions occur in the office of the plaintiff or defendant’s attorney. Nevertheless, you can conduct a deposition anywhere from courthouse libraries and conference rooms to a doctor’s office, the living room of the witness’s residence, etc.

Things to expect at a deposition

An attorney that requests a deposition will start by asking the witness basic questions, such as their identity and their connection to the lawsuit. After that, your attorney will ask questions depending upon the purpose behind the deposition. For instance, if the witness is a doctor treating the plaintiff, the attorney will question the physician on the type of medical treatment provided, the severity of the injuries, the prognosis for recovery, etc.

Generally, a deposition concludes within a few hours, although it can, at times, take several hours. Make sure to speak to a skilled car crash attorney in Portland to learn about the different rules governing deposition in Oregon.

Who will be present at a deposition?

Typically, only a handful of people attend a deposition. This typically includes the attorney requesting the deposition or a witness, or one of the parties involved in the lawsuit, the court reporter, etc. The court reporter is among the most important parties in a deposition process.

Testimonies in a deposition generally fall under oath. The court reporter will use a recording machine to record everything at the deposition. A witness giving testimony under oath must give a true and honest testimony. If a witness gives knowingly false testimony, he/she will be subject to civil or criminal penalties.

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