Portland Boat Accident Attorney

A Boating Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Boating accidents are not often thought of as seriously as a car accident. First of all, you don’t generally need a license to operate a boat, and people of all ages and levels of intoxication are often seen haphazardly driving their boats around lakes. We all take it for granted that it is a wild west of sorts out on a lake or off the beach, and when an accident occurs, we aren’t really surprised.

However, sometimes a simple mishap at the lake can turn into a major disaster. When you are injured, your property is damaged, or a life is lost, a simple boating accident is much more than that. You need the assistance of a boating accident attorney as soon as possible to make sure that your rights are protected and to ensure that you receive the proper compensation to protect you both immediately and in the future.

People who are victims of boating accidents often take it for granted that accidents happen, and that no one is really at fault. After all, boating is risky business. But, there are times when boating accidents are not due to normal risk, but due to negligence, intoxication, or inappropriate behavior. These types of accidents can cause a myriad of injuries, some of them extremely serious, and without the assistance of a boating accident lawyer, you may never see a single penny from the person who caused the incident.

Unlike car accidents where both parties are usually insured, it is often the case that boating accidents involve no insurance at all, and that can become a serious problem if you are trying to fight for your rights on your own. A boating accident lawyer can help to identify if there is actually an insurance company involved, who is responsible for the incident, and eventually who will pay for the damage that is done.

Your injuries, your pain and suffering, and any property damage that occurred should all be paid for by the party at fault and by hiring a boating accident attorney as soon as possible, you will have a much better chance of recovering those funds. Remember that the injuries that you are suffering from today may have long-term, serious repercussions, so you have to look at long-term compensation in addition to just covering your immediate costs. A qualified boating accident lawyer will work on your behalf to secure those for you.